Monday, January 23, 2006

Where Is Our Voice Of Reason?

Clinton was disgraced for getting his joint copped in the oval office and then lying about it.

Now Bush is going to be given a pass for filling our nations leadership with his incompetent college buddies, and crimes against the nation and humanity?

Something is wrong with this country if that happens. If we are going to step up and remove someone from power, it should happen when a man in power over steps his bounds, breaks his promises, abuses his position, makes poor decisions, fails us in times of need, doesn't head the past, ignores the voices and needs of the American People, and violates the trust the voters erringly placed in him by bleeding our country dry.

Not because a man can't keep his dick in his pants.

I am watching the news waiting for it. Waiting to just hear the word. Even a hint of the word. Instead I get another opportunity to hear The President speaking with Kansas State students, justifying his war, defending his "leadership" and joking about his dating experience in college. There is nothing funny about this man. A woman stands up and thanks the President for "following his heart and not listening to his critics." He responds to this at length. Minutes later he clumsily dodges a question about illegal wire-tapping, and the media present allow it, rather than have the opportunity for questions cut short. Why are we letting this man and this administration get away with it? They have a DUTY to answer our questions. They have an obligation to LISTEN to us.

Why are the only cries for justice and immediate change coming from blogs and buried websites? With all the "editorial" opportunities created by telivision media, why are we not hearing at least one person, a person with an audience, a voice that could represent a large portion of the country in saying "We want this man out of the White House!"

Instead, they, even those who want the same thing, are keeping silent. We are being distracted by news of Oscar Nights, and Brad Pitt's new baby, while our country coughs and chokes like a Datsun B210 with no oil.

It is not an issue of who will be next, it is not important how long it will take, or how little time he has left already. What matters is that this man, wearing the hat of the leader of our nation, has been given the opportunity to fulfill his role, and he has failed. How many times do we need to see it or hear it or LIVE it?

IMPEACHMENT! There, I said it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Fighting Censorship

The Censorware Project was formed by a group of writers and internet activists in late 1997. Our goal is to bring to light information about censorware products which is, by its nature, hidden.

What is censorware? The definition is very simple:

software which is designed to prevent another person from sending or receiving information (usually on the web).

There are some important points here which warrant further explanation.

First, censorware is designed for one person to use on "another person." You may well have email software that is set up to prevent you from seeing incoming mail from people you find obnoxious. This is not censorware, however, since you control whether it operates or not.

One good test for whether software is censorware is to ask: do you need a password to turn it off? If it is designed to be turned on and off only by people in authority (who may or may not be you), it's censorware.

Censorware typically works by blocking you from receiving information -- or by preventing you from seeing it once it's received, which has the same effect. But it's also censorware that blocks data flow the other way, typically by X'ing out parts of your email, or preventing you from posting to a discussion website (like this one!).

And finally, when we think of censorware, we typically think of the world-wide web. That's not always the case, though. Email and IRC are also, often, blocked. Usenet newsgroups are often blocked. Ten years from now, whatever other technology exists to trade data will probably have its corresponding blocking software, and that we'll call censorware too.

We at the Censorware Project believe that this type of software is the greatest single threat to free speech as we know it on the internet over the next decade. We are committed to exposing the flaws of this misunderstood software and working to encourage alternatives to censorship.

MSN Spaces and its Silly Word-Blocking

posted by Jamie McCarthy on Friday December 03, @08:56AM
from the space-between-the-ears dept.
[ Blocked! ]
BoingBoing has a story today on how Microsoft's new blogging tool, MSN Spaces, does word-based blocking of your blog entries. Sad and funny. I saw two stories in the blogosphere today on MSN Spaces -- one a video demo of how to post to it, which I yawned past, and this censorship story, which I'm, well, blogging myself.

Pentagon Admits Censoring Casualty Sites

posted by Jamie McCarthy on Friday September 17, @12:40PM
from the memoryhole dept.
As reported by Eric Umansky:

Two Army spokespeople have now explained to me that it is indeed the Army’s intention to purposely block service-members from viewing non-Pentagon casualty sites. (Other services apparently have similar policies and do use filtering software.)