Thursday, March 30, 2006

A 6 year turnaround on National Debt technical problems

Debt Clock Can't Keep Up

In 2000 it was turned off because it couldn't go backwards. Now that's been fixed (although it's not likely to be used for quite some time), but another problem has come up. It doesn't have enough digits to count the debt for much more than two more years. Passing the 10 trillion mark could render the clock ineffective, as there isn't a 14th digit on the clock. But what's more alarming to me is the shift in the figure the clock is tracking over the past 6 years. From 5.7 trillion and having to be stopped because it can't count backwards to surpassing 10 trillion in about 8 years says about 14 digits worth for this administrations fiscal policies.

Lets just start making up stories . . .

by Glenn Greenwald: What the FISA judges really said

A miss by the NYT, sometimes it makes you wonder why they don't just make up the story entirely. A totally fabricated story could be much more epic and conveying of their point. . .