Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gonzales is Not Enough

Though it's going to be great to watch the man behind The Patriot Act, legalization of torture, and the loss of Habeas Corpus, go down like a steel turd, it can't be enough.

Jonathon Singer, of MyDD:

For the first time in the last six years, there is now direct proof, documentary proof, that could implicate George W. Bush in some of the widespread impropriety within his administration. And though the Bush White House may believe in the at best controversial axiom that if the President does it, it's not illegal, there is more than enough precedent in American history for holding a President accountable for his own actions.

As the White House positions yet another fall guy for yet another obstruction of justice, we need to keep in mind that there is more to the story here. It will be nice to see Gonzales go down for the Attorney General he has chosen to be, even if they replace him with the next talking head in line. But it can't stop there.

This administration has no respect for the DOJ, the UN, the Geneva Conventions, or the American People. Logically, one would have to assume, there has to be a point we must eventually reach (if we haven't already) where American's can all agree upon a vote of no confidence in this President and his people.


  1. How typical of a liberal -- which I infer from the blog you are posting on you are -- to jump to these hysterically far-fetching cries for impeachment each time there is the slightest hiccup in the political system. You simply have to realize, Clinton was not impeached, which set a precedent. Until Bush crosses the same line as Clinton, no one should be crying "impeach, impeach!"

  2. What would you consider crossing the same line as Clinton? It seems that laws have been broken here; shouldn't we investigate who broke what laws? Now there is news coming out linking the White House to this cataclysm, shouldn't there be an investigation of who did what and when. Or put a better way, what did they know and when did they know it. If the President broke the law, he should be impeached. If he knew that his staffers were breaking laws and did nothing to stop them, he should be impeached. Given all that has come out in the past few days, I don't see him coming out of this one squeaky clean, and don't we deserve to find out what went wrong, and what laws were broken. And when all is said and done, my prediction is that there will be some cries for impeachment, and those cries will be justified, unless it takes a stained dress to set an impeachment in motion that is.