Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Post In Which I Live Blog My Rocky Vs Hannity Ticket Buying Experience

It's not going well.

Tickets went onsale at 10am. At about 10:04 am the website went down. There is an email address to contact the technicians to report the trouble. I bet they have a lot of email.

The phone system seems to be having a hard time as well. 50min of repeated redialing and I get either a busy signal, a message that the all U of U lines are currently busy, or, randomly, the voicemail service of someone named Carol Jean Hansen.

I wonder if Carol has more voicemail than the website technicians do email?

If Hannity cancels this debate again, I will find him and I will be very, very angry and abrupt with him. In front of his staff if need be.

UPDATE: Got through. Mid ticket purchase, Qwest interrupted the call to tell me I had a bad connection and should enjoy the following ear-drum rupturing error tone.

FINAL UPDATE: 10:50am, I successful purchased tickets. I need a cigarette.

UPDATE AFTER THE FINAL UPDATE (by Craig): Wow, sold out in two hours, I figured they'd go fast, but two hours?


  1. The comment where I admit to a chuckle over your subtle "Friends" reference.

    (On another note, I enjoy the hell out of your blog. Keep up the good work.)

  2. Got my tickets too. Called in about 10:35 and sat on hold forever, but I didn't have any troubles.

    Glad you got your tickets. I'm looking forward to it (though I'm sure you're looking forward to a different participant). Actually, I hope they both have good things to say, if so then I'm looking forward to both people.