Thursday, May 3, 2007

More Congressional Oversight Chis Cannon Style

Can't we just move passed this?

A little more from the hearing, evidently Cannon was concerned about Iglesias's ethics, and wanted to know why he didn't report the phone calls Iglesias received from two Republicans in congress.

Rep. Chris Cannon, a Utah Republican, pressed Comey on Iglesias' failure to report the calls from Domenici and Wilson in October to the Justice Department, as is department protocol.

This definitely fits in with his prior concerns on ethics, specifically the ethics of say Domenici and Wilson?

Anyway, Cannon has made quite a spectacle of himself over the USA purge investigation, from claiming that it's a political ploy by Democrats
Republicans didn't appear eager Tuesday to go along. Committee member Chris Cannon, R-Utah, said the immunity offer was 'merely meant to fan the flames of speculation and grab headlines.'

Evidently them grabbing all the headlines made Cannon feel left out, so he grabbed a few of his own. Then there's the hindering of the investigation.
Cannon today argued that there's not a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing by anyone at the Justice Department.

Here's a breakdown of the six Republicans who opposed giving immunity from prosecution to Goodling, based on panel seniority:

* Sensenbrenner (Wisc.)
* Cannon (Utah)
* Randy Forbes (Va.)
* Steve King (Iowa)
* Trent Franks (Ariz)
* Louis Gohmert (Texas)

Because everyone knows, the best way to make sure there's never a shred of evidence - don't have people testify. And to cap it off nicely, let's let them pull this one off again.
With the drive to remove Tolman’s provision from the Patriot Act this week, Rep. Chris Cannon told the Deseret Morning News he didn't want the change now, because that would return us “to a system where judges appoint the prosecutors who will appear before them [which presents] serious separation-of-powers and impartial administration of justice issues.”

I mean nothing went wrong this time, so why should we change it? There he is, Utah's 3rd District representative Chris Cannon, he'll be here until early 2009 at least, please tip your waitresses.

And in today's totally unrelated to anything side not, Rudy Giuliani hates ferrets, or at least feels strongly against those who want to keep them as pets. Maybe the headline should be "Giuliani: Pet Owners Should Go Consult A Psychologist." It's what Drudge would do.

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  1. Here is an enlightening clip which shows Cannon (R-UTAH) wasting time, which is a typical maneuver in these hearings. But this sort of brings it to a new level.