Sunday, May 6, 2007

You Have No Right

At the Anderson/Hannity "debate" Friday night, I had an experience I can't seem to shake, and that in the days since has festered into near contempt.

My Partner in Crime has already offered up an accurate recap of the event, so I'll quickly offer only this in addition: Rocky brought to the table a well researched case, as if presenting it at a trial court. Sean Hannity brought two long, emotional videos and a nice tie. A majority of the audience brought their lack of understanding of the Middle East and the war in general, and an unwillingness to partake in mature dialog.

About half-way through Anderson's presentation, he displayed a picture of the World Trade center in flames, shortly before the tower's fell. Up to this point, he had detailed his argument for the mishandling of our country and the War on Terror by the Bush team. When the twin towers picture appeared on the screen behind him, and before Anderson could continue, a man sitting a few rows behind me shouted "You have no right!"

I thought of nothing else the rest of the night. And now, to every person who would like to tell me, or Mr. Anderson, or anyone for that matter, that we have no right to display a picture of those towers when we present and arguement:

We have every right. In fact, it is our duty, because we are Americans. We were effected by that event just as much as those who have chosen to use the events of September 11, 2001 as a stepping stone into a foolish, poorly planned war that has gotten us nowhere and destroyed the reputation for fair judgment this country is built upon. On 9/11, many people were devastated by what they were seeing. Conservatives and Liberals alike. Americans!

So to the man sitting behind me at Kingsbury Hall that night; how dare you say that to me. I have every right to disagree with this President and this war. I have every right to support our withdrawal from Iraq and to ask that this President be held accountable for the repeated (and avoidable) mistakes that he has committed in the name of my country. And I, Mr. Anderson, and every American alive have every right to proudly display a picture of those tragic events as reason for wanting us out of Iraq and out from under this White House's short-sighted policies.

It is you, sir, who has overstepped your rights. You have no right to tell me or any American that the images of those towers on fire and my memories of that day can lead to only one patriotic conclusion, which you seem to believe is fighting this war in this country, while those that attacked us that day are still free. You have no right to claim those images and the ensuing emotions belong only to you and your President.

That happened to us all. We all had to feel it, see it, and think about it. Some of us just kept on thinking.


  1. Great take. I only recently discovered your blog, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorites.

    The Deseret Spectacle

  2. Same here. Interesting perspectives.

  3. Great stuff.

    You're absolutely right.

  4. You are a moron