Monday, June 11, 2007

Is Romney the Best You've Got?

NYT, "Romney Run has Mormons Wary":

“He represents the best of what the church can produce,” said Kenneth W. Godfrey, 73, a historian of Mormonism and of [Cache Valley] about 80 miles north of church headquarters in Salt Lake City.
I am not, nor ever have I been a member of the LDS Church, but I have lived in Utah my entire life, and I understand the excitement many Mormons must feel at the prospect of a candidate of their own faith. I even partially understand those members of the church who buy this "White Horse Prophecy" shenannigans about a Mormon who will save the country when the constitution faces it's greatest challenges. But c'mon people! This guy? Mitt? That's the best you got?

Romney has betrayed everyone from his constituents to the tenets of his own faith.
John Dehlin, 37, who produces the podcast here, said, “I don’t see him as any worse than any other politician out there, but I wanted my guy, who represents my church, to be different... I had the hope that Romney would be steadfast, be up front and have integrity and consistency, but I’ve been disillusioned,” Mr. Dehlin said. “It makes me a lot less proud than I otherwise would have been.”
In a few short months of campaigning he has shown us he has no scruples, not loyalty, and no real plan for leading this country. Should his faith outweigh his abilities as a leader? If you would vote for Romney simply because he is Mormon, wouldn't you have to say the same about each LDS co-worker, neighbor, or for that matter, complete stranger you meet on the street? Regardless of the depth of your faith, can you honestly say you have never met a dishonest, or incompetent Mormon?

I have no illusions that in 2008 this state will go for anyone but a republican, but I also know there are millions of voting Mormons throughout the entire country, and I fear the illusion of familiarity of faith will push Mitt into a legitimacy he hasn't earned and will not live up to in this and future elections.

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  1. He's not the best the LDS Church has to offer, although I cringe when someone makes a political statement like that. He's also not the best the Republican party has either.

    If people really thought about the kind of leadership we need, they would focus on Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul.