Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thank You, Mark "Nuke Em or I'll Sue" Towner

We hadn't planned to revisit this at the The Sidetrack. Our goal was to point out the foolishness of Towner's "Nuke Em" post, call him to task, and outside of the comments at least, move on.

Unfortunately, sometimes what you see going on around you is so completely and utterly asinine that you can't leave it be.

The dishonest and incredulous Mr. Towner, over the ensuing days since our original post, has violated common courtesy privacy policies, harassed those that spoke out against him (something you would think he would be very used to by now), blocked comments on his blog to "team (Doofus?) members" only (the greatest of blogging wuss-outs, a tactic often used by those with big mouths and thin skins), and as many of you are aware, threatened to sue a fellow blogger for observing that his list of email recipients may not have been composed of entirely voluntary subscribers.

Because his wittle feelers got hurt.

I'd like to thank Mr. Towner for proving my point.

This man was about to fund-raise for Utah's Attorney General, with the Attorney General's permission, and now, via his reaction to criticism any adult should not only expect when blogging, but should also be emotionally developed enough to handle without reducing the debate to the equivalent of a pre-schooler yelling "Oh Yeah? Well my dad's a COP!" on the playground, he has destroyed his own credibility, completely.

Mark Towner should be ashamed of himself, without a doubt. I have tried to follow this since the start, as much as I could, and more than once I have been embarrassed for him. But more importantly, he has given us a much better example of what is wrong with Utah's political debate than any one of us blogging could have written.

He has shown us that any 'douche bag' can get involved in politics. Any person with a telephone and an "email list" (let it go to court Mr. Harris, we've already started the legal defense fund for you!) can fund-raise and attend dinner-plate events. Any low-life with a blog can post about the desecration of fellow countries and (at least here in Utah) still call themselves a Christian.

But not everyone can garner respect. And that is what we must demand from anyone who gets a voice, or an elected office, big or small. They must give us their respect, and earn ours, or fade, as Mr. Towner has, into irrelevance and public humiliation.

So, Mark, we are in your debt. Your juvenile outbursts and petty attempts to bully those who have spoken out against you have reminded me, and I hope all of us, why we blog, or fund-raise, or campaign, and VOTE. We could not have hoped for a more perfect reaction to our post than to see you make a living example of yourself, your blog, and anyone who has supported you or associated with you.

Political natural selection, in all of it's glory.

UPDATE: And thanks to all of you. "Doctor" Mark Towner has deleted the irresponsible "Nuke Em" post from his blog.


  1. Many thanks for your support. I've already received an offer of free legal representation and other letters of support from fellow bloggers. Every little bit counts.

  2. Nice Roundup Jason.

    It's funny that everytime I try to start ignoring this, Mark pops up somewhere else, with some other goofy threat, plan or scheme and starts the cycle all over again.

    If he'd just STFU for a couple of days, we could all go back to planning our liberal/pagan rites picnic and worshiping the sun again.

  3. It's not the least bit shocking that Mr. Towner has also changed the picture/logo for his blog from the copyright-protected logo for Spyglass Pictures, removed the original "Nuke 'Em" post, and shut down the ability for anybody but "team members" to comment on his blog.

    Also none-too-surprising; none of The Spyglass' recent posts have a single comment. Perhaps none of the "team members" allowed to post comments have anything to add to Towner's blog posts. Or maybe, just maybe, those who have previously read the blog have wised up and decided to read something more worthwhile. Where are all the subscribers Mark claims to have now?