Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mark "Nuke Em" Towner

It's been a bad week for Mark Towner. First, he embarrasses the Attorney General, then the former Utah School Board hopeful, and one-time candidate for the Utah senate puts his foot in his mouth trying to solve 55 years of US-Iranian relations. Mr. Towner preaches:

Is is now time for America and the UK to again unite and teach a lesson that will never be forgotton. We either are the paper tiger's that they claim, or we need to send the message loud and clear, we will not allow you to continue your Jihad against the West.

We must act now and bring the radical arm of Islam to task with such overpowering strength, that they will cease to be an issue. We must declare War on Iran, and using the bigest and most powerfull nuclear weapons available, we must destroy every military and nuclear facility in the country. It must stop now. Please click on the link below, and ask yourself who will have the backbone to bring this conflict to an end? [With Video]
Churchill he is not. WWII this is not.

But still, Mark has been and continues to be heavily involved in Utah politics. The Attorney General himself agreed to let this man fund-raise for him (which fell apart after Towner chose to include a "Wench Auction" in the event, sticking with his strange obsession with pirates).

This, people, is what is currently stagnating Utah's political arena. For someone to speak this irresponsibly on a matter of foreign policy, and then receive a warm handshake from any state official, let alone the Attorney General himself, is a grievous distortion of aptitude and political responsibility.

Let the Attorney General know how you feel about the company he keeps.

Let Mr. Towner know what you think of his post.

Let the Salt Lake Tribune know what you think of it all. (

It's time for a little accountability in our governing bodies and political debate.


  1. Yeah, but when the Attorney General is a grievous distortion of aptitude and political responsibility, how can you hold someone like Mark, who has such a tenuous grasp on reality as it is, responsible for being a vitriolic, ignorant douche bag?

  2. Exactly. Utah is such a mess, it's hard to know where to start!

    Mark is an idiot, always has been. I thought he was long gone after that "restraining order" business against his senate opponent.

    Sad to see he's still got a platform to spew his bile from.

    I agree with this call for rejuvenation of our politics. Time to weed the garden!!!!!!!!

  3. To:
    Jm Bell "Yeah, but when the Attorney General is a grievous distortion of aptitude and political responsibility" and I'm a douche bag. How quaint. I'll make sure your post is forwarded to Mark Shurtleff.

    Rutger D. I realize you are a flaming liberal jerk, but "Time to weed the garden!!!!!" Since I hold no public office, I can only assume this as a threat. Maybe you would like to explain what exactly WEED THE GARDEN implies?

    Thanks for letting us know about this.

  5. Mark,

    When you "forward the post" to the AG, make sure to include your own remarks. I'm sure he will be proud to know he nearly accepted funds from a fund-raiser planned by a useless piece of ill-informed filth such as yourself.

    In fact, since I don't trust you, what with the complete lack of integrity you constantly exude (ever wonder WHY you don't hold political office?) I will forward this entire post to the AG myself, including your original, asinine comments on foreign policy.


  6. P.S.

    "Weeding the garden" is a phrase often used to imply a restoration of integrity, or a removal of unwanted rubbish from the political system.

    Anyone can have a blog, Mark, only those deserving get respect.

    It's time for your ilk to accept the irrelevance you have made a reality.

  7. Ya'll better be careful, before long he'll have a restraining order out saying your blog can't be within 50 feet of his blog anytime there is an election of any kind going on.

    In all seriousness, thanks for posting this. Mark has needed a reality check for a very long time. We will all be keeping an eye on him, for sure.

  8. Humm.... jm bell
    JM Bell
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    Gender: Male
    Astrological Sign: Libra
    Zodiac Year: Rat
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    Occupation: Wonk
    Location: Salt Lake City : Utah : United States
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    But who are yur really? You call me a douche bag? What have I ever done to you to deserve such a comment? I don't even know who you are.

    Now come rutger d another anonymous post. I'm a idiot, restraining order (which has been violated 6 times) was to protect my wife and family from a mental case.

    Draper Mom, how quaint another anonymous post. It would appear that possibly all these posts were from the same person?

    If you cannot post with your real identity, the words are of no real value.

    The Attorney General along with most elected officials receive my newsletter each day.

    Liberal Democrats, God help us if you guys can get your dream candidate elected.

  9. To our "anonymous" commentors.

    Feel free to continue. The previous commentor is obviously new to the internet, and understand that if you don't have a google account, our site will not let you log in with a profile.

    At The Sidetrack, we encourage public discourse, and every opinion matters.

  10. hey Mark...

    Name is Jeff Bell
    JM are my initials. That's kinda a real name.

    I am not a make believe pirate.

    I do however want to be Indiana Jones, but, I don't dress up like him and throw tea parties.

    Send whatever you want to the AG. Mark knows I lost faith in him about the same time he started messaging that the First Amendment should be viewed as conditional to his opinion. Oh, that and recusing on the Lohra Miller scandal. Oh, and committing a felony and letting himself off with the phrase "My Bad".

    So, yeah, you want to let Mark know that I've lost all respect for him? Go right ahead. In fact, could you do it twice?

    (he did, however, look the most realistic at your tea party. Great costume)