Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tracking Presidential Candidates and Broadband Policy

The non-profit Wireless Communications Association International (WCA) have launched a new website tracking broadband policies of all 2008 Presidential hopefuls.

WCA President, Andrew Kreig (via Freepress):

“Broadband is creating unprecedented productivity gains in such vital sectors as education, health care and prevention, border patrol, civil preparedness, military defense and first responder capabilities by police, fire and emergency workers ­ as well as community economic development in such disparate regions as inner-cities and rural America. These applications and their delivery timetables in the U.S. and abroad are central for the WCA 2007 roster of 140+ speakers ­ and also for each of the U.S. Presidential candidates...
Founded in 1988, the WCA is formed by "leading carriers, vendors and consultants" in the wireless communication industries spanning 6 continents.

It's nice to see an attempt by the WCA to bring broadband and communication policies to light during the '08 campaigns, despite my reservations toward their Executive Committee (Hank Hultquist of AT&T?).

Regardless, wireless broadband technology and it's future will play an important role, not only in how campaigns themselves function, but more importantly with what each candidate has to say in their use of, and attitude toward the internet, net-roots blogging, Net Neutrality, broadband availability, and the encompassing FCC regulatory policies. The result of these dialogs effects each one of us in a truly non-partisan way.

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  1. There's no doubting how vital broadband is to education, health care, first responders, fire and emergency workers as well as community economic development in low-income and rural America. We shouldn't just be tracking the presidential candidates and their broadband policies. We should be educating ourselves about what type of policy is best for every U.S. citizen and demanding it be put in place.

    If you want to learn more about broadband policy and the need for it, check out the Communications Workers of America's "Speed Matters" campaign at http://www.speedmatters.org. Read their policy paper. They have some excellent recommendations for broadband policy and deployment.