Friday, June 1, 2007

US Constitution for Dummies

If only they made such a book.

David Brooks, of the New York Times:

"Listen, the Democrats were quite up-front saying, 'We're going to fund the troops at the end of the day.... If we have to cave in, we will cave in.' And the reason they caved in is because of the Constitution. The Constitution gives the president power to wage war and really to manage this thing. And the Democrats never really had a potential to reverse that."
The Constitution, in fact, says just the opposite. The President must ask Congress for permission to wage war, or continue waging war, or invade and occupy a country. And it wasn't this Congress who gave him the permission to do so. The Democrats simply balked at the perceived political cost of defunding, and ending this war (a "risk" mainly created and perpetuated by the media, including Mr. Brooks). Much ado was given to the "political loss" resulting from ending the Vietnam war, when in fact Democrats gained popularity after that war ended.

It really is time to expect more of our media.


  1. Um ... they do. And I own it. LOL

    I also have the Complete Idiots Guide to American Government, and I've had it for years. I make candidates read it.

  2. You have been linked!