Monday, July 30, 2007

NYT Op-Ed: "Everything Is Fine"

This hit just today, and Hot Air (via Michelle Malkin) was all upons, which of course means Utah Rattler was posting about it shortly there-after, in fine ventriloquist fashion.

But for the record, let us note, that despite the editorials nice cadence, style, and carefully chosen verbs, there is not much in the merit department of an "everything is just super!" message from the likes of Brookings Institute's O'Hanlon and Pollack. The word credible and these two have not met in many a year.

We can look forward to an entire day, maybe, if we're lucky, even a full week of hearing the woes of the Liberals, now that they have lost Brookings, and O'Hanlon and Pollack. We can revel in angst, as the the regulars at Fox, and their minions in the blogosphere detail the illuminating experience it must be for two such "left-Leaning" persons to come out to tell us everything in Iraq is just hunky-dory and we should all have some Kool-aid and stop worrying.

There is only one problem. We gave up O'Hanlon and Pollack waaaaaay back in Ought 3, when they donned their cheerleading skirts and joined the kick-line for invasion.

Greenwald (of course) has more:

The Op-Ed is an exercise in rank deceit from the start. To lavish themselves with credibility -- as though they are war skeptics whom you can trust -- they identify themselves at the beginning "as two analysts who have harshly criticized the Bush administration's miserable handling of Iraq." In reality, they were not only among the biggest cheerleaders for the war, but repeatedly praised the Pentagon's strategy in Iraq and continuously assured Americans things were going well. They are among the primary authors and principal deceivers responsible for this disaster.

Worse, they announce that "the Bush administration has over four years lost essentially all credibility," as though they have not. But let us look at Michael O'Hanlon, and review just a fraction of the endless string of false and misleading statements he made about Iraq and ask why anyone would possibly listen to him about anything, let alone consider him an "expert" of any kind:

...this is not the first time O'Hanlon took a trip to Iraq (for what Sen. Webb recently called the "dog and pony show") and then came back and announced How Great Things Are, that We Have the Right Strategy, and that We are Winning.
So before all you nut-jobs get your motors rolling and keyboards smoking, bellowing that the "truth" has finally shown through in this wonderfully executed and visionary war, because two hacks from Brookings finally said so, lets be clear, from the get go, that these guys, along with Liebermann, are on your team.

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  1. TPM points out that Michael O'Hanlon's optimism is contradicted by the Brookings Institution's own Iraq Index, edited by... O'Hanlon.

    I saw an interview with Kenneth Pollack this morning on CNN where he claimed to be an Iraq occupation critic converted to supporter by the changes he saw on his most recent visit. When did Pollack ever criticize the invasion and occupation of Iraq?