Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Open Broadband, Anyone?


Coming soon could be a wireless broadband world in which consumers get to pick any smartphone or other device and load any software on it — not have to take what the wireless carrier wants to sell.

That’s the goal of Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin, who will propose sweeping new rules for wireless airwaves the government is auctioning early next year. The 700 MHz spectrum, being vacated by TV stations as they go digital, is coveted for its ability to penetrate walls and other obstacles.
Also, the Net Neutrality fight is far from over.

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  1. I've very very excited that that FCC Chairman Martin is endorsing an open network for the 700MHz band. It seems that the FCC, as a rule, takes a very forward-thinking stance on Internet issues and does a decent job of trying to do what's best for us, not the duopolists.

    Maybe there's some hope for the proposed cellular Carterphone rule.