Friday, August 31, 2007

American Cancer Society Ads Target Lack of Coverage

The American Cancer Society plans to devote it's 2007 budget to an ad campaign, targeting lack of health care coverage as an obstacle to early diagnosis.


The campaign was born of the group’s frustration that cancer rates are not dropping as rapidly as hoped, and of recent research linking a lack of insurance to delays in detecting malignancies.

Though the advertisements are nonpartisan and pointedly avoid specific prescriptions, they are intended to intensify the political focus on an issue that is already receiving considerable attention from presidential candidates in both parties.
More bad news for the Republicans.


  1. The truth has a natural left leaning bias. That, I think. is why Repuglicans hate it so much.

  2. JM Bell

    I agree, although in my head it always came out as "reality has a left-wing bias". That's why college education is attacked by the right. they don't want to pay good money learning about reality and truth -- they want to learn how great USA! USA! is, how god blesses us to the exclusion of almost everyone else, and that gay people are just perverting God's will for them.