Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bush Posturing for More War

The President, once again determined against all rational thought, plans to march us into another war, this time with Iran.

Glenn Greenwald is pissed:

Leave aside all of the dubious premises -- the fact that the U.S. is supposed to consider Iran "the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism" because of its support for groups that are hostile to Israel; that Iran is arming its longstanding Taliban enemies; that Iran is some sort of threat to Iraq's future even though it is an ally of Iraq's government; and that Iran's detention of American-Iranians inside its own country is anything other than retaliation for our own equally pointless detention of Iranians inside of Iraq, to say nothing of a whole slew of other provacative acts we have recently undertaken towards Iran. Leave all of that aside for the moment.

Viewed through the prism of presidential jargon, Bush's vow -- "We will confront this danger before it is too late" -- is synonymous with a pledge to attack Iran unless our array of demands are met. He is unmistakably proclaiming that unless Iran gives up its nuclear program and fundamentally changes its posture in the Middle East, "we will confront this danger." What possible scenario could avert this outcome?

By now it is unmistakably clear that it is not only -- or even principally -- Iran's nuclear program that is fueling these tensions. As Scott Ritter and others have long pointed out, the fear-mongering warnings about an Iranian "nuclear holocaust" (obviously redolent of Condoleezza Rice's Iraqi smoking gun "mushroom cloud") is but the pretext for achieving the true goal -- regime change in Tehran. Bush all but said so yesterday:
We seek an Iran whose government is accountable to its people -- instead of to leaders who promote terror and pursue the technology that could be used to develop nuclear weapons.
In other words, we "seek" a new government in Iran.
And lets not forget the President has a Congress mired by a "working" conservative majority, and help from the Lieberman Paste Eating Club.

Storm a-brewin', folks.


  1. Good God, smoking gun as a mushroom cloud all over again. And, again, the media is complicit in it by their refusal of historical context when reporting on this kind of stuff.

    They're, more and more, stenographers. Murrow would kick all their asses for behaving like this.

  2. Does GW wear a wig, but he's actually bald, and has a white cat, not a dog?