Thursday, August 9, 2007

Judge Admits No Murder Was Committed, Yet Texas Execution Continues

This is unbelievably disgusting.

Three weeks from today, a 30 year-old African American man on death row in Texas is scheduled to be executed. Kenneth Foster was sentenced to death ten years ago in a San Antonio court for the murder of Michael LaHood, a white man, in 1996. What makes Foster's case unique is that he didn't commit or plan the murder. Even the trial judge, the prosecutor, and the jury that sentenced him to die admit he never killed anyone.

Foster is scheduled to be executed under a controversial Texan law known as the "law of parties." The law imposes the death penalty on anybody involved in a crime where a murder occurred. In Foster's case he was driving a car with three passengers, one of whom left the car, got into an altercation and shot a Michael LaHood dead. At the time of the shooting, Kenneth Foster was 80 feet away in his car. Since Foster's original trial, the other passengers have testified that Foster had no idea a shooting was going to take place... Today, Kenneth Foster's family joins us from Austin, Texas. His wife, Tasha Narez-Foster, his eleven year old daughter Nydesha Foster...
There are times, when reading the news, that I can't believe this is the United States of America.


  1. We should never have taken Texas away from Mexico.

  2. Write members of the Texas Legislature urging them to help persuade Governor Perry to stop the execution of Kenneth Foster, Jr.