Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our President is a Sissy

Yep, I said it. And it's true. Check out the details of this law suit (yes folks, that was $80,000 of your tax dollars paid to have the case dismissed) against demonstrators:

The details of the Rank lawsuit and the cases involving similarly harassed folks are always fascinating: citizens removed from a Bush event in Denver because of an offensive bumper sticker on their car outside ("No More Blood For Oil"); a Tucson student barred from a Bush event for sporting a Young Democrats T-shirt; Wisconsin citizens forced to unbutton their shirts before attending a Bush speech, only to have an attendee wearing an anti-Bush T-shirt ejected from the event. But the best thing to have emerged from the Rank litigation was the official—if heavily redacted—Presidential Advance Manual (dated October 2002), which, although stamped "SENSITIVE" and not to be "duplicated ... replicated ... photocopied or released to anyone outside of the Executive Office of the President, White House Military Office or United States Secret Service," is now posted right here at the ACLU's Web site.

There is so much that is entertaining in the Advance Manual, it's hard to know where to begin. Sure, it's not a surprise anymore that it is official White House policy to use staff to foster "a well-balanced crowd," with well-balanced evidently defined as a subtle melange of those citizens who adore the president and those who revere him.
Bush was the kid we all knew in high school who would challenge the entire gym class to a game of dodge-ball, and then cry when he got hit with the ball.

Tough Texan my ass!


  1. Hey, now! George W Bush is NOT a Texan! He was born in Connecticut. Don't be insulting those of us who ARE Texans! :)

  2. I stand corrected, and apologize for any offense Texans may have suffered for my poor phrasing.

    Bush is still a sissy, though.