Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ABC's "Path to 911" DVD Release Conspiracy Theory Extravaganza

In today's LA Times I found an article titled "Is Clinton's candidacy blocking "Path to 911?", detailing the tribulations of Cyrus Nowrasteh, writer and producer of the infamous ABC mini-series, which has yet to see a dvd release.

With no date for the release, questions are being raised about whether political pressure is behind its current status as a stalled or discarded DVD project. The reasons are murky, but the miniseries' writer, Cyrus Nowrasteh, believes it's crystal clear: Powerful forces are out to protect Bill Clinton's presidential legacy and shield Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) from any potential collateral damage in her bid for the White House.
What proof does Nowrasteh have that the evil Clinton campaign is blocking the release of his glorious, "fact" filled "Clinton caused 9/11" pseudo-documentary?
Nowrasteh, also one of the miniseries' many producers, said he was told by a top executive at ABC Studios that "if Hillary weren't running for president, this wouldn't be a problem."
A "top exec" told him. A "top exec" who maybe didn't want to admit that Cyrus' mini-series had already cost them millions in PR expenses to defend during the original release (something they stand to lose even more to, defending a dvd release with low anticipated sales) which already burdened with a lack of interested advertisers after stories leaked that the accuracy of the documentary was lacking. A "top exec" who might not have had the heart to remind Cyrus that the series won sympathy Emmy's in categories like "best fade in" and "best carpeting" (just kidding, it was "editing" and "effects") not "writing" or "directing." A "top exec" who didn't have time to explain that despite nearly 25 million viewers tuning in during the mini-series broadcast, public opinion backlashed against what many saw as a propaganda-like distortion of events leading up to a very tragic day in American history.

It would be a frightening if a person campaigning for office, or any elected official could easily stifle the release of an artists work, simply because it was critical of them. But it isn't that scary to think of studios burying those things that will not make them money in the dusty boxes of the "clearance" bins and quiet releases, reserving their dollars to promote what the public will buy. That's just good business.

And Cyrus, my man, I saw your mini-series. It sucked. If ABC wants to hold off, and slip it out on DVD while the public isn't looking, I can't say I blame them.


  1. I forgot about that 4 hour piece of crap.

    I can't believe anyone would even want to own a dvd copy.

    I guess that's why the ABC exec is trying to blame Hilary.

    What a load. That movie was such a farce my friends and I watched it and laughed many times at the contradicting "evidence." It perverted a very sad day for all American's, and I have nothing but contempt for it's producers.

  2. You all probably think Fahrenheit 9/11 was a fact driven piece of work eh?

  3. I purchased and watched the movie from:

    Actually it was a very good movie.