Friday, September 7, 2007

The Post 20's Friday Night

I remember the days when being alone without a plan on a Friday night was inconceivable; a tragic misalignment of circumstances that should only occur in the event of fatal sickness, death, or a job with a horrible shift.

These days, I welcome the surprise lazy weekend. It gives me time to catch up on the 8 to 17 books I am perpetually "halfway finished with," and a chance to spend some much needed time thinking about things other than (gasp) politics.

For those of you who read The Sidetrack for our insight (or lack thereof, if that's your take), I apologize. For those interested, though, I wanted to provide my discoveries so far this evening:

1. Great video at the YouTubes of David Bowie and Robert Smith (The Cure) playing "Quicksand." (How do I miss this stuff?)

2. There are still no tour dates announced for Spoon. (If you don't know them, by all means, get to doing so!)

3. Guster will be here in Utah, shortly.

4. A good friend of mine will be hosting a SMA Benefit in October, complete with musical entertainment by The Legendary Porch Pounders (If you don't know them, by all means, get to doing so! Brad -- of Ogden's best and now defunct blues bar, Beatniks -- plays one mean harmonica). More on the SMA Benefit later, as I realize it may be a great opportunity for Utah Bloggers to mingle, and do some civic good at the same time.

5. Paul Krugman has a new book on the way. No title or date yet, but still... Woot!

6. There are still a handful of Bush Dogs left profile-less at, should anyone want to lend a hand to an important cause, and get some extra traffic for their blog. We've done a couple, and it is as informative as it is fun.

7. Dexter, Season 2, starts soon (but not soon enough).

And last but not least, no post would be complete without at least a slight reference to something political in nature. I found this post (FDL) to be humorous, accurate, and even somewhat infuriating at the same time.

Now, see, this is the problem with today’s Republican Party. In the old days, you could at least count on Conservatives to be able to do simple math. They were dull, they were oppressively rich, white, and authoritarian, but they were (allegedly) the Party of Fiscal Responsibility.

Somewhere along the way that broke down. Was it during the “Greed is God” Reagan 80’s? These days, our side may be the Tax and Spend Liberals, but at least we aren’t the Rape and Pillage Republicans.

Does anyone in the Bush Administration plan anything more than fifteen, twenty minutes ahead, ever?
To all you bloggers out there touting the currently popular "Immigration Causes High Poverty Numbers" line for the Heritage Foundation, we'll get to you with a little lesson in real economics. But for now, I must see what is on the TV, before someone discovers I am enjoying some free time.

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  1. We saw Guster last year and it was a great show. I'd highly recommend going.