Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Right-Wing Foreign Policy: Self Fulfilling Prophecies

They want more war. Ezra:

...we're letting Ahmadinejad win this game. America's dodging his invitations to talk, growing hysterical over his requests to lay a wreath at Ground Zero, and interviewing him in a way that makes our press look like White House puppets. This makes us look bad, not him.

It's not often mentioned, but the rest of the world does not evaluate all international interactions from a starting premise that America is right and its motivations pure. We actually have to convince them of that, particularly in the post-Iraq era. And we're failing. We're abetting Ahmadinejad's attempts to project a hugely disingenuous version of himself through our megaphone. Without us, he's in trouble: He's domestically unpopular, and fundamentally without a platform. With our opposition and apparent hatred for Tehran, he's Iran's champion against America, and he's outwitting us in the court of world opinion.
(Even More) Ezra:
There's a very substantial case to be made that we are the only force propping Ahmadinejad up. There is an almost ironclad case to be made that our overt hostility to Iran is leading to retrenchment among their political elite, crackdowns on moderates, and problems for reformers. There is very little of a case to be made that our actions towards Iran are in any way weakening Ahmadinejad, save insofar as our sanctions are making the Iranians miserable enough to hate everybody, us included. This is a very stupid way to make policy.
And one from someone who's not Ezra:
Apparently what's really important is whether Ahmadinejad admires George Bush and whether the word "fuck" appears in a college newspaper.


  1. Found your site while looking through my old sitemeter reports on my View From 22 blog...Anyway, I left a comment with a hilarious post-script story about Robert Talton on your recent post from the 13th about the CD22 race (your post was right on target, by the way).

    I should be launching a new campaign blog soon and returning to the blogosphere, and I'll be sure to let you know when that happens so you can find out what desert Talton will bring next.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Definitely let us know when your campaign blog is up. This district will be one to watch!

  3. Interesting blog. I agree with the self-fulfulling prophecy aspect - especially considering most Right-wingers are expecting the "Rapture" any minute now since they have started this Iraq catastrophe. LOL