Friday, September 28, 2007

Volunteer at MyDD

MyDD recently began a diary rescue campaign on the blog, much like those of DailyKos and TalkLeft. The only trouble is that right now there is only one volunteer reading diaries to find those in need of rescue to the front page; Me.

Since the departure of Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers, MyDD has been experimenting with different ideas to enhance the blog, including "candidate diaries" and now a bi-weekly diary rescue hitting the front page every Wednesday and Saturday morning. Rescuing diaries may be a great way to restore a sense of community and set the "dialog bar" higher at one of the netroots oldest, most respected political blogs.

If you are interested in volunteering, click here for info on this and other MyDD projects, or email myddrescue [at] gmail [dot] com.

[craig41 - Update]

With the diary rescue at MyDD in it's early stages, there's still a good chance of getting a diary rescued. So if you have something you want to get to national audience head over to MyDD and put it in a diary.


  1. What is "diary rescue"? Do people look for inactive blogs and post comments on them or something?

  2. No, MyDD has a diary system (similar to dailykos) that allows users to create their own entries. The diary rescue comes up when they select some of the diaries and put them in a front page post. Like this one.