Saturday, September 22, 2007

Voucher Education

I generally find the typical online voucher debates tedious and vapid. To get to the meat of the subject, in order to form an educated opinion, a person really must dig into the numbers themselves, and ignore the megaphones and pulpit pounding. Too often (especially here in Utah) this voucher-speak becomes emotional quickly, at which point, I tune out and read a book. On the voucher debate, most people are lacking sound information, victims of propaganda and doctored numbers to support or oppose the legislation.

Recently though, a conversation (multiple posts, and ensuing comments) has erupted through Frank Staheli of Utah's Simple Utah Mormon Politics. The ongoing debate on Frank's blog is something everyone should read and/or participate in.

You may not agree (or disagree), but it is a rational, educational, adult conversation taking place, something we've seen very little of on the issue of vouchers.


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  2. Thanks for noticing. I've been very impressed with the civility of the conversation as well. I've learned a few things, too!