Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chris Cannon's Constitutional Awakening

I cannot thank Marshall enough for pointing me to Chris Cannon's blog. What entertainment, watching this man stumble through putting his thoughts to words. Already he is editing posts in reaction to comments (Misty gets full credit for this one) and reaping the rewards of self expression. Chris, we barely knew ye!

Today, Cannon lobs quite a fresh pile at us, with his apparent discovery that the US, indeed, has a little thing called the Constitution. What is behind this Cannon's enlightening rediscovery of the cornerstone of our democracy?

Flag ceremonies. He writes:

Having examined the Constitution thoroughly, I can find no “Freedom from being Offended” enumerated, read into, or floating in the ether that is the penumbra of the 14th Amendment, that offers such a right. Absurd is not even a strong enough word.
Having examined the Constitution thoroughly? PhhhhhHAAAAAAAA!

I, as every American, have the utmost respect for veterans and those who currently serve in our military. I think that it is important they honor their traditions and are allowed to show respect as they see fit to their fallen compatriots and peers. And I believe, as Cannon seems to, that no one individual should be able to say to them "this is how you will pay your respects" nor is the right to do so constitutionally protected.

What I object to in Cannon's online opining is the simple fact that this man has the sheer hutzpah to make even the slightest reference to the constitutional protection of American civil liberties.

In 2006, Cannon was one of the first to back an amendment protecting companies from future litigation after complying to surveillance requests without a warrant. In his own words:
"an individual or company will be reluctant to cooperate with any government authorized surveillance program, which will severely undercut government's efforts (to prevent terrorist attacks)."
Cannon was concerned that private companies would hesitate at violating constitutionally protect rights of American citizens, if they thought they might be breaking the law. His solution? Sanctioned immunity for such actions. A legislator, legislating the protection of a violation of legislation, and at the expense of our basic rights to privacy. It's confusing, I know. But back to flags...

The ACLU gives Cannon a whopping 7% when it comes to the protection of our civil liberties. He supports requiring photo ID in federal elections. He is against non-emergency treatment for Medicare recipients who can't afford the co-pay, yet supports capping the amount a mistreated patient can receive in a malpractice lawsuit. He voted against restricting no-bid defense contracts, and voted yes to intelligence gathering with no civil oversight. He voted to deny funding to black and Hispanic colleges, while simultaneously opposing educational aid based on race. He will tell you the importance of Blackwater contractors and how well the Iraq Occupation is going, yet avoids classified meetings, for fear that in a moment of over-powering stupidity he will leak it all to our sworn enemies abroad.

His voting record is like a trail of slime; an anti-minority, anti-women, anti-civil rights barrage of narrow-minded, short-sighted decisions that may have spoken to his base, but have not in the slightest bit represented a respect for the civil rights and opportunities of Americans. He will roll over for warrantless wire-tapping in his War on Terror, but by God, don't you dare touch his flag ceremonies!

This is not leadership, this is a warm body in a suit with party backing. Utah deserves much, much more.


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  2. Yeah, I noticed some "up and down" with it earlier today.

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