Friday, October 19, 2007

Comcast Violates Net Neutrality

Is this the first step towards a non neutral internet? From TPM:

Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally.

The interference, which The Associated Press confirmed through nationwide tests, is the most drastic example yet of data discrimination by a U.S. Internet service provider. It involves company computers masquerading as those of its users.
Now this isn't exactly giving certain companies preferential treatment because they pay more, although I'm sure a lot of people in the music and movie industries are glad Comcast is doing this. It does seem like taking advantage of something that congress has yet to act on, and it's really only down hill from here (ask a Verizon user about how much you can trust telcos).

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  1. I read this at TPM, and it reminded me that The Deseret Spectacle caught on the "invisible cap" issue last February.

  2. And to boot, they've been rolling out a second round of TV rate increases in select markets this year. Any bets that they may pass on the Wasatch Front thanks to UTOPIA? Amazing what a bit of real competition will do.

  3. Great point, Jesse. Thanks.

    Says a lot about the even larger importance of the UTOPIA project, and the future of the internet.