Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Economics of Getting a Free Puppy

You thought this would be political of nature, huh? Nope, just a real offer for a free puppy. I found it in the flower garden outside my place, and I can't keep it myself.

Seems to be a 2(ish) month old male Collie/German Short-hair (?) mix. Very smart. Very friendly. Very lonely and scared.

If anyone is willing to give it a good home, I'd foot the bill to have it neutered when it comes of age to do so. Hell, I'll even deliver him to you.

Interested parties: thesidetrack@gmail.com

And since I am supposed to write about politics, not puppies (that's Michelle Malkin's job... she eats them), let me point you toward JM Bell's perfect summation of the travesty that is Rob Bishop and Chris Cannon putting big words to tiny thoughts on SCHIP.


  1. thanks for the link-back brother. I'm asking my wife about the puppy. I think she'll decline 'cause we're over crowded with two giant dogs right now.

  2. If it were a Rhodesian Ridgeback, I'd be all over it.

  3. We already have two beagles and after last weekend, we know we're not ready to be outnumbered by our "kids". I'll be sure to ask around, though. Every dog deserves a good home.

  4. A few people are "interested" but I haven't heard from any "for sure" takers yet.

  5. Have you put it on KSL classifieds? It's free!