Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Humor To Start The Week

Coffee nearly came out of my nose I laughed so hard when I saw this.

profile change Fred Thompson added "Convincing everyone my presidential run isn't really Method-style research for a movie role" to his Interests.

Mike Huckabee joined the group Young Earth Creationism.

John McCain is appealing to Ron Paul for fundraising tips.

Rudy Giuliani is wondering how he can fit 9/11 into a speech about agriculture policy.

Mitt Romney is shredding some old speeches.

Mitt Romney joined the group "Pro-Lifers."

Mitt Romney left the group "Pro-Choicers."

Mike Huckabee added "Entrusting the female body to the care of loving, paternal legislators" to his Interests.

Fred Thompson is loving playing the low-expectations game. Just be marginally awake, and you win!

Pat Robertson wrote on Rudy Giuliani's Wall:

You're not fooling anyone, pal. The Right doesn't need Facebook to win -- it needs Faithbook! You can quote me on that.

Rudy Giuliani added "God and lots of God-related things, like Bibles and stuff " to his Interests.


Status Updates

Mitt Romney is learning the "lingo" of the "information superhighway."

Fred Thompson is napping.

John McCain is looking for spare change between couch cushions.
Yep, People For the American Way made a fake facebook website for the Republican presidential nominees, and it's pretty damn funny. I like Rudy's interests:
Interests: Trying to make up for my pro-choice views in the eyes of right-wing voters by pretty much promising I'll bomb Iran as soon as I take my hand off the Bible I'm sworn in on.

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  1. That's freakin' hysterical. Especially the cross-dressing picture of NYC's former mayor.