Monday, November 26, 2007

Chris Cannon, Common Sense, History, and the Constitution

Chris Cannon still has a blog:

The text, history, and common sense forces us to conclude that the framers of the Constitution intended for the means of defending individual rights and liberties (i.e. firearms) to be held by the individual and NOT by the government alone. It is an anathema to believe that the founding fathers, ever suspicious of the federal government, would have vested the right to bear arms ONLY in state sanctioned militias.

Let’s hope the court comes down on the side of common sense, history, and the Constitution.
Common sense, history, and the Constitution.

Hey, Chris, while we're on the subject of those three things, just an fyi: the government is spying on it's own citizens without a warrant or proof of probable cause, habeas corpus is collecting dust in a broom closet at the White House, and our President is supporting "state of emergency" declarations from military dictators posing as democratic leaders.

Far be it for me to tell you, a statesmen as you are, your business, but it often seems you're oblivious to these facts, and I'm sure a person of your stature would rather clarify this than look like a blathering fool, full of rhetoric, but devoid of principle.

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  1. Based upon past performance, I think Chris Cannon is perfectly content looking like a blathering fool.

    Cannon's basic principle is partisanship. If Bill Clinton had advocated spying on Americans and throwing habeas corpus into the waste bin, Chris Cannon would have been there to protect us from the unconstitutional actions of President Clinton. But Bush is a Republican, which means, he can be trusted.

    Personally, I don't think Chris Cannon is smart enough to ever see his own hypocrisy.