Monday, November 26, 2007

I Don't Care Who Mitt Romney Prays To

It is frustrating to see so many investigations of Mitt Romney's aptitude for the job turning into discussions of his faith, and Mormonism in general. I'm much less concerned who he prays to than I am over his bad policy, lack of integrity, and inability to be honest under pressure. And that his dishonesty is somehow acceptable to the GOP, is that not a more pertinent topic for the media than which church he visits?

But is it entirely "the press" making such an issue of Romney's faith? Slate:

Mitt Romney appears to think that, in respect of the bizarre beliefs of his church, he has come up with a twofer response. Not only can he decline to answer questions about these beliefs, he can also reap additional benefit from complaining that people keep asking him about them. In a video response of revolting sanctimony and self-pity last week, he responded to some allegedly anti-Mormon "push poll" calls in Iowa and New Hampshire by saying that it was "un-American" to bring up his "faith," especially "at a time when we are preparing for Thanksgiving," whatever that had to do with it. Additional interest is lent to this evasive tactic by the very well-argued case, made by Mark Hemingway in National Review Online, that it was actually the Romney campaign that had initiated the anti-Mormon push-poll calls in the first place! What's that? A threefer? Let me count the ways: You encourage the raising of an awkward question in such a way as to make it seem illegitimate. You then strike a hurt attitude and say that you are being persecuted for your faith.
Romney has many faults, choice of faith isn't one of them. That goes for any candidate. It simply isn't relevant when we should be debating issues. But Romney is using his religion as a tool in his campaign, hoping to distract from his spineless political shiftiness.

If I were LDS, I would be ashamed to let Romney represent my faith in such a way. If I were a Republican, I would be ashamed to let Romney on my ticket. And though it's questionable which, business or politics, is more lenient on the ethically impaired, if I were Romney, I'd stick to business.

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  1. I agree. It is embarrassing that Romney is so popular here, just because he is a Mormon. He isn't an honest person, nor a representative of LDS values. Yet we are to jump behind him, because he is a Mormon?

    Think people!