Monday, November 12, 2007

(How To) Make a Republican Smile

Political Wire has the results of a new Zogby poll on entertainment choices and political persuasion. Some of the findings:

* Liberals were much more likely than conservatives to listen to commentary and entertainment with which they disagreed philosophically.
* Fox News wins the prize for the most politically divisive TV channel (70% of conservatives watch it daily and only 3% of liberals).
* Over 82% of conservatives say they never watch MTV.
* Cerebral material like documentaries and arts and educational programming all appeal more to liberals... Conservative viewers are more likely to watch action-adventure, sports, and business programming.
* Conservatives are the least likely group to listen to jazz and reggae... Liberals, on the other hand, are more likely than other respondents to enjoy almost every music genre.
The reason I chose to point this out is it reminded me of a question I had last Thursday night, during NBC's 2-hour block of liberal hilarity: What the hell do conservatives watch that makes them laugh?

It's obvious more of the popular comedic teevee and radio programming, movies, stand-up comedy, and tongue-in-cheek political commentaries available today have a progressive slant. So, my conservative friends, what do you guys do for fun? Neil Cavuto ain't exactly a barrel of monkeys, so what makes you laugh? My curiosity here is genuine!

UPDATE: (Disclosure) Any comments asserting the comedic value of Rush Limbaugh will mean null in this poll... he doesn't mean to be funny.


  1. I think the lack of comments so far here is as good an answer as any.

    They do NOT find your speculative inquiries humorous in the least!

    Damn liberals, always trying to be human. I picture thousands of Republicans right now in a room, brows forrowed, trying oh so hard to find something, anything, that made them laugh in the last ten years.

    (in short, Republicans don't laugh... that's why they are Republicans)

  2. Wittgenstein once said a great work of philosophy could be written solely as jokes. I see a connection here with liberals (who tend to be more educated) and the comedy you find.

  3. See, laughter is an indicator of intelligence. And according to Dick Cheney, once people become educated and smart, they become Democrats. So that is why Republicans don't laugh.