Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Ralph Nader of the Blogosphere

No politics today, just some funny.

The study of laughter is called Gelotology, after the Greek word for JELLO, nature's funniest food. Aristotle believed that only humans laugh, but scientists have discovered that other primates, rats, dogs and, of course, hyenas also emit sounds that might be called laughter. Although cats do not laugh out loud, many scientists believe that they are quietly snickering at us on the inside, though this has not been proven definitively. At one time physicians believed that laughter could be therapeutic. Reader's Digest even had a column once called "Laughter Is the Best Medicine," but most reputable scientists abandoned this theory after the movie Patch Adams actually made many people sick. In fact, a number of people have reportedly died laughing, including Pecos Bill, King Nadabayin of Burma, Damnoen Saen-um, a Thai ice cream truck driver, and Alex Mitchell of King's Lynn in Norfolk, England, whose last laugh was triggered by a Scotsman fighting a black pudding with his bagpipe. Comedy is a serious business and could be dangerous if not handled carefully.
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I realize there are more important things happening in the world than the Weblog Awards and if I knew where Pakistan was, I would probably be writing about what is happening there, or if I had a job, I might be writing about the Writers Guild strike (which, despite the fact that I believe in the beneficence of corporations and am generally opposed to labor unions, has me humming "There Is Power in a Union" and "Joe Hill" in solidarity). But it has come to my attention that some of my own readers believe you cannot vote for me for Funniest Blog, after all I have done for you, because you don't want to "split the vote," despite the fact that the leading blog, Sadly, No!, is trouncing the blog in second place, DUmmie FUnnies, by a margin of almost two to one, while I languish in fourth place. Suddenly, I find that I have become the Ralph Nader of the blogosphere. Despite all of my efforts to bring laughter and delight to you, my readers, modestly blogging my fingers to the bone, not to mention my victorious battle with Facebook on behalf of all Pseudonym-Americans, some of you have turned on me, calling me a spoiler, comparing me to perhaps the least funny, most egotistical man on Earth. How could I not feel hurt and betrayed?

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