Wednesday, November 21, 2007

TechPresident: Rating the Candidates rates the Democratic candidates on issues such as Net Neutrality, affordable high-speed, and what they are calling a "Connected Democracy." Worth the read.

Back in May, we issued a challenge: “Who will be America’s First TechPresident?” We set out six specific policy goals to judge the candidates by:

1. Declare the internet a public good in the same way we think of water, electricity, highways or public education.

2. Commit to providing affordable high-speed wireless Internet access nationwide.

3. Declare a “Net Neutrality” standard forbidding Internet service providers from discriminating among content based on origin, application or type.

4. Instead of “No Child Left Behind,” our goal should be “Every Child Connected.”

5. Commit to building a Connected Democracy where it becomes commonplace for local as well as national government proceedings to be heard by anyone any time and over time.

6. Create a National Tech Corps, because as our country becomes more reliant on 21st century communications to maintain and build our economy we need to protect our communications infrastructure.

We’ve spent some time looking through the candidates’ policy statements on technology, the media, education, transparency and infrastructure, and here’s what we’ve found...
And don't miss the next episode (same bat channel, same bat time) when they rate the Repubs.

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