Wednesday, December 26, 2007

$28.4 Million of Missing Government Property

TPM reports that a 2007 State Department report cannot account for guns, armored cars, etc. last seen in the hands of contractors.

The report, prepared by the State Department inspector-general's office, hits the department for its lack of "adequate internal control over the government property held by contractors." It calls the property lists provided by State officials managing the contract in Afghanistan "incomplete and, therefore, unreliable." The $28.4 million worth of missing or poorly-documented property represents 21 percent of the government property held by DynCorp and Blackwater.

In some cases, the property has disappeared into a bureaucratic morass, thanks to State's improper bookkeeping. But in other cases, the property appears to be simply gone.
I lost a $20 bill once. It still nags at me.

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