Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bloggers For Mark Towner (Day One)

Spammer, unaffiliated statesman, sting operation mastermind, and internet victim Mark Towner isn't feeling the love.

We've been mean to him. We've poked fun. We've pointed the spotlight of wisdom on dishonesty and hubris. And worst of all, none of you are voting for his blog!

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I hope you will all forgive us a daily token post in our Bloggers For Mark Towner campaign. Each day, to the end of the week, we will highlight one of Mark's posts, serve him up a few links, and work with him -- side by side -- to make him once again feel that surge of relevance only a Blog Net News rating can bring a person.

Please take a moment to visit his blog and parse the latest "political intelligence" (Sorry the links in that post go nowhere, he has deleted the original from his blog). We also encourage you to visit Blog Net News, and rate high to give Mark that ever so important #1 rating, at least for one week of 2007.

Remember this is a season of giving; a time for blogs who have to help blogs who have not.

This one's for you Mark! Keep fighting the good fight!


  1. OMG, how old is this guy?

    Maybe his blog just sucks? Did he ever think of that?

  2. I am sort of kicking myself for missing out on so many years of high drama by being a musician and theater person.

    This kicks the theater world's histrionic ass.


    Jason, this little comment gem of yours at SLC Weekly?mnn

    ", I stand behind my post as much funnier than what he wrote. More clever too. With much prettier formatting."


  3. I'd suggest that we all leave the poor pathetic Towner guy alone. His most recent frantic posts and history indicate he's into a downward psychological spiral. Why kick him now? Everyone knows who and what he is... especially Mr Towner.

    There are times to pile on, and times to sit back.

    Will any of of us experience that lovely sense of schadenfreude when the entire Utah Blogosphere has driven this poor botched soul into the dirt... or worse?

    I'll have no part of that. The guy is living in "edge city." Why push the poor fellow over the edge?

    Now's NOT the time to "pile on," I say.

    Those who would do that are mere bullies, in my not so humble view.

  4. I understand the sentiment, but I assure you there is nothing bullish about our efforts here.

    We simply aim to get him what he wants. Attention for his blog, and a high BNN rating, so that perhaps, some day, he will settle down.

    If we had his address, we'd send valium. We don't, so this is the best we can offer.

  5. althepal obviously didn't read what mark has written before. the man has earned no sympathy, and i for one refuse to click a single link that will drive traffic to his blog and swell his head any more than it is already swollen.

    such a divisive and childish individual may deserve sympathy as a human being, but when you write it on a blog, you expose yourself to the word, and pay for the weight of your words. if towner goes down, it is his own doing, and propbably well deserved.

    also, didn't good ol' kathy of city weekly say he had a thick skin?