Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bloggers for Mark Towner (El Fin) - (Updated)

This will be our final post in the campaign to push The Captain to that #1 spot he so deserves. And in his own words, we owe him that.

I had mentioned in an earlier Spyglass post that the lefty authors of Amicus, Bell, etc, etc, etc (Shall we Dance) would wait till the last minute on Saturday night to intentionally spike down the ratings of the Spyglass. Well I just happened to be reading some of the lefty blog posts this evening and what do I see? , nearly every article I posted early this morning was repeated by the left.
So the Gloves come off you ingrates, just watch in shock as your favorite Amicus, Bell, Track, and the rest feel the sharp attacks you have chosen to dish out on the old Spyglass.
He hasn't made it easy, having posted very little since we launched the campaign, but we persevere, and hopefully our efforts aren't for naught.

As a send off, we'd like to recap for you a handful of posts from The Blog That Deserves to be Number One, and would be, were it not for those meddling kids.
GOP Gay Group Slams Romney in New Ad
(Sourcing on this one was a bit iffy, but a little research cleared up that this is an article from USA Today.)

In Jesse Harris Gets Smacked Down By Utah Taxpayers Association, The Captain continues his obsession with Mr. Harris, and fighting the evils of cheaper, faster, community driven broadband.)

In Quotes of The Week, he gives us quotes of the week.
I hope all of you have taken the time to read even more than this, to show your support for the original content, err... information he provides, and help him fight against the evil lefty-blogs who hold him back.

Visit BNN. Rate High. Click often. And above all, know that you are doing a valiant thing.

And to The Captain; a hearty thank you for illuminating the injustices of the blogosphere, and helping to entertain us in what is otherwise a traditionally slow week of blogging. The blogging world can be rough. Your words and opinion are there for anyone and their dog to criticize. It takes a thick skin, and confidence that some just don't have. We are all activists, just some are better at cutting and pasting the news we really need than others, and therefore deserve that mythical Holy Grail of blogging, the #1 BNN Rating.

Happy Holidays to all. Now, for the love of God, lets just get back to blogging, huh?

UPDATE: We missed a few links. Sorry. Good Luck Captain!

here. here. here. here. and here.

With more here, here, here, and here.


  1. Well that series certainly was a "dud."

    How does it feel to have kicked a retard for four straight sessions?

  2. Well somebody sure is out being a Gloomy Gus under an anonymous title this evening!

    But to correct you, The Captain isn't mentally challenged, he's just not a very good blogger.

    And I do think it's a bit early to call it our campaign a dud, Mr. Negative. The ratings aren't even out, and the glass is always half full here at The SideTrack.

    Hopefully we will have done some good to assuage the various insecurities of Mr. Towner.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. althepal,
    Are you stupid? If this campaign so offended your exclusive pallet, why, for God's sake, were you reading it? (Personally SideTrack guys, I've laughed often, you guys are hilarious)

    Marky Towner,
    Do you not think that people have learned enough to the manor in which you comment to guess that these "anonymous" posts are indeed simply YOU with too much time on your hands?

  4. Why the quote around "dud" althepal?