Friday, December 21, 2007

Cache Democrats: Candidates / Poll Coverage Needed

Cache Democrats (via email):

Locally, we are looking at 3 races for the State Legislature, 1 for the State Senate, and 4 for the County Council. The filing deadline is mid March. Please spend some time this holiday season thinking about good candidates for these positions. We are aware of a certain number of people, but we are sure that there are many more good candidates than we know about. We want your help. Have you ever thought about being a candidate? Has one of your friends often been bringing up great ideas about what County and State leaders should be doing? Pass on your ideas to us; we would like to hear them.
...poll workers (formerly called Election Judges) are needed. The County Clerk, Jill Zollinger, is seeking poll workers to cover the Presidential Primary on 5 February, the local Primary on 24 June, and the General Election on 4 November. We need Democrats in these positions. The people who have done it, have enjoyed the participation. Because of the new voting machines and the number of elections, many new people are needed. And the training for the Presidential Primary begins on 7 January. If you can do this and would like to, please e-mail Sharon Hoth in the Clerk's office
The next scheduled meeting of Cache Democrats is 9 am, January 12th. Click here to get involved.

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