Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cap'n, We Have Failed Ye

Despite the best efforts to tank our own numbers, and The Captain's (aka Mommy Dearest, aka AlthePal) own last minute cut-and-paste efforts, we were unsuccessful at pushing him to number one.

As for the BNN ratings, Mark, it is just as I expected; your blog just isn't that popular, and everyone else has better shit to do. Despite collective efforts, we just couldn't generate enough positive ratings to put you at the top where you so obviously belong for self-promotion endeavors alone.

And despite the fact that the polls still show Amicus, and Bell run cleaner ships, we can still pride ourselves in the fight, no? We fought for you with all we had, and lost. No shame in that.

Thanks to everyone who helped out. Let's never do this again. I feel dirty.


  1. ye First Mate12/29/2007 11:24 PM

    Make them walk the plank Cap'n, or would ye like me to cut their throats?

    But lets face it matey, the Amicus has much better rum and Bell is better at the ole' reach around.

  2. I never reach around. Ever. R. Lee Ermey told me not to.

  3. Arrrr you scurvy lefty dogs. I give ye just a little assignment and you fail miserably. You all need to be given 20 lashes. It's no wonder you guys will never Captn a ship. And lest ye be thinkin I posted ANY comments at all on the barnacle encrusted tub you call the Side Track, my IP address is

    Show me a single posted comment other than this, and I will walk the plank.

  4. The True Cap'n12/30/2007 11:51 AM

    Ye will be walking the plank anyway Cap'n you party-less puss-hole!

    Just remember this Capn'n, you will be number one when I say your number one, but ye haven't been paying ye taxes, or have ye shared any of ye whenches ye lily-livered dog!

    Try as ye may just know that their is a new Cap'n on these oceans and his name isn't Capn'n Shirley.

  5. the true cap'n said ??????
    Fire away you wining dog..

    This ought to be fun

    Captain Spyglass