Wednesday, December 26, 2007

FCC's Michael Copps on Corporate Vs. Local News

Last week the FCC voted (along strict party lines) to lift a 30 year ban on media consolidation, cross ownership of television and print news media, without -- according to Commissioner Michael Copps -- addressing the steady decline of local media outlets.

Local news, local music and local groups so often get shunted aside when big media comes to town. Commissioner Adelstein and I have heard the plaintive voices of thousands of citizens all across this land of ours in dozens of town meetings and public forums, from newscasters fired by chain owners with corporate headquarters thousands of miles away to local musicians and artists denied airtime because of big media’s homogenization of our music and our culture, from minorities reeling from the way big media ignores their issues and caricatures them as people to women saying the only way to redress their grievances is to give them a shot to compete for use of the people’s airwaves, from public interest advocates fighting valiantly for a return of localism and diversity to small independent broadcasters who fight an uphill battle to preserve their independence.
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More on media consolidation here.

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