Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hillary, Thompson, and The 5 Least Surprising Toy Recalls

Is it too much to ask that we keep the debate a bit more down to earth?

Hillary Clinton: Vote for me and the price of oil goes down!

Fred Thompson: Illegal immigrants caused the mortgage crisis!

Ludicrous campaigning such as this causes even the most hopeless political junkie's brain to wander. Speaking of which, has released their list of 5 least surprising toy recalls. #3: Sky Dancers.

Galoob unleashed Sky Dancers in November 1994. It was an unholy alliance between the pretty girlishness of a Barbie doll and the magic of a whirly bird. Children would put the helicopter toy on a mechanical base, pull the cord and watch its foam propeller pull it high into the sky. The company went on to re-release the toy several times as flying dolphins, flowers and ponies--all with different, presumably increasingly gay, names.

Six years later, Hasbro scooped up Galoob and found itself ordering a massive recall when it was learned the magic fairies would randomly fly in any direction at a high rate of speed and bitch slap children and even their parents like a white trash Tinkerbell after a bottle of lukewarm Jack Daniels.

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