Monday, December 17, 2007

Media Tool: The Spotlight Project

The Spotlight Project is an amazing online tool that allows you to email blog posts from supported blogs to any one of thousands of listed editors, reporters, and correspondents. Names range from Bob Woodward to the Boston Globe sports page editor. Grouping media representatives in radio, print and teevee, it allows you to focus a "spotlight" (explains the name, huh?) on the stories you feel the media may be missing (or ignoring). From the Spotlight homepage:

The Spotlight Project examines the media, the role it plays in politics and the public discussion. More importantly, The Spotlight Project enables individuals to communicate with the press and media.

Blogs are changing how we discuss our world. At the very time that many news organizations are losing readership and cutting staff, the Internet in general and blogs specifically, are growing at a phenomenal rate.

The blogging community is vibrant, passionate, well educated and well informed. It is also very good at fact checking, in depth investigation and developing under reported stories. The Spotlight Project wants to harness this energy to reinvigorate the traditional news media with a bias for the common good, also known as a public bias.

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