Friday, December 28, 2007

The Mitt Romney Answer

So Mitt was on HANNITY and colmes. When talk turned to the Bhutto assassination, colmes asked The Mitt-Flop if he thought the President should've listened more to the State Department in their warnings of a volatile situation before he persued his current policy regarding Pakistan. Mitt answered:

“Well, of course, any president is going to listen to the widest array of voices about the risks inherent in any potential strategy. You know, in a setting like this, you’re not looking for a person who has all the answers, themselves. Instead, you’re looking for an individual who knows how to make very difficult decisions, based upon gathering data and analysis directly from the scene, gathering information from people who have extensive experience in the region, first hand contact with leaders in other parts of the world, and then looking at different options and selecting which option is the best, based upon that analysis. And that’s the process you want to see. And that’s the process I’ve engaged in the business world, at the Olympics, and as a governor.”
I'll send $20 to anyone who can find an actual answer in that verbose paragraph of rambling jello.

1 comment:

  1. Translation:

    "A good President isn't someone who "Has all the answers". The President should gather as much information from as many sources as possible, especially people who know the area, customs and issues well. You want a leader that looks at statistics, gathers the information and then makes a decision based on that information. Because I'm a groovy businessman and saved the Olympics from ruin, that guy would be me."

    I will take payment in any monetary form as long as it doesn't include an engraving of Alfred E. Newman on it.

    (Hey, you didn't say the answer had to be great or accurate. You just asked if anyone could GET one out of that off-topic ramble.)