Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Local Area Bloggers Are Superior to Your Local Area Bloggers

Attended my first "lunch date" (Will they call me in the morning?) with the uber exclusive Cache Valley Illuminati this afternoon. It is always nice to put faces with blogger ID's, and as was mentioned by another attendee, it is intriguing to see the personalities behind the posts.

So, still high on the heady buzz of intelligent conversation, I wanted to point you to those in attendance, and their various musings.

For The People
(You know 'em and love 'em, already. No introduction needed, save to say Tom and Ryan are as well spoken over lunch as they are on the radio.)

Loralee's Looney Tunes
(I dare you not to laugh. And I have it on good sources she still hasn't visited the gas stations since "the incident")

Banter of a Blond Republican Couple
(I had steeled myself for a continuation of my heated objections to an old post of Craig's at FTP citing Fox's Brit Hume as a source on journalistic integrity. Alas, there was no time. I jest, as is my nature. I wish there had been more time to get to know he and MacKenzie. Next time perhaps.)

Jeff's Blog (buddythedog)
(He named his blog after his dog. I named my business after my dog. Instant respect!)

See Hear Speak No Evil
(Most misleading blog title, ever. Pure evil here. The good kind)
If I left out any of the blogs who's creators were in attendance, I apologize.

I look forward to the next meeting.


  1. It was really good meeting you, too. Hopefully it will just get bigger and better.

    And yes, my nipples and I have stayed away from the gas station (And Judy) ever since.


  2. I think it was Chris Wallace, actually. Next time, indeed!

  3. That's right, Chris Wallace.

    Sorry, they all look the same to me. Heh.

    Looking forward to next time though. Great idea to meet like that.

  4. Pure evil is right! LOL. Just wait, it only gets better over time. Just wait until January 1st...

    It was fun meeting you. Next month Jess and I will try to get you to turn to our evil ways.

    I will have to now mark your blog on my reader so I can comment.

  5. it was great to meet you as well. it's always nice to put a face and a voice with the written word.

    see you next month!!