Sunday, December 30, 2007

Punditry Explained (Sam The Eagle)


When I'm confronted with fact-challenged idiocy from the punditocracy, I like to pretend it is coming from Sam the Eagle of Muppet Show fame.

That stuffy, "I know far more about this than you." tone of voice reciting factually inaccurate drivel just fits. Especially with its ponderous tones of solemn disapproval for anything outside his realm of comprehension, making Sam the perfect voiceover for Beltway Brahmins and ill-informed wingnuttery.

Give it a try with any columns from Bill Kristol.

This one is so on the spot, I had to find video. The similarity cannot be contested.

(Quick Aside: I can't believe we didn't have a "Muppets" tag already)

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