Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why is There Never a Plan B?

We don't need no stinkin' Plan B.

"Plan A still has to work," a senior administration official involved in Pakistan policy told the paper. "We all have to appeal to moderate forces to come together and carry the election and create a more solidly based government, then use that as a platform to fight the terrorists."

Bush's policy remains "wedded" to Musharraf despite warnings from experts and others who say his dictatorial methods are "untenable," they say. The Pakistani president recently deposed Supreme Court justices who would no go along with his plans.

"This administration has had a disastrous policy toward Pakistan, as bad as the Iraq policy," Robert Templer of the International Crisis Group told the Post. "They are clinging to the wreckage of Musharraf, flailing around. . . . Musharraf has outlived all possible usage to Pakistan and the United States."

All or nothing on two cards is a lot of fun in Vegas. It sucks as foreign policy.

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