Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bill Maher, Jay Leno, and The Kucinich Three

Checked in on The Tonight Show since Bill Maher was going to be on.

Normally I find Maher very entertaining, and Leno the complete opposite, so I expected a wash that would put me gracefully into sleepy time.

Instead I was treated to three separate instances of the show, during Maher's interview, being interrupted by three individual (embedded) Kucinich supporters who would stand, shout loudly about censorship (with clever chants of "NBC, stop the hate, let him debate!"), then be roughly escorted out by security, off camera of course. The look on Bill Maher's face was worth waiting through Leno's monologue.

Hilarity, I tells ya. What some people don't define as supporting a candidate, huh? Now Kucinich looks like a dumbass to all Jay Leno viewers (let's be honest though, probably not his biggest demographic) and he still didn't get to debate.

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