Thursday, January 3, 2008


Susan Klopfer makes media waves when she abandons here volunteer efforts for Clinton and crosses over to Obama efforts in Iowa. The Obama camp makes a video of her switch. Clinton makes a response video of her own Obama converts. National headlines are made. And where is she now?

"It got more hits than Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. It got the all-time highest over that weekend," Klopfer said of the video's YouTube hits.
But when Klopfer showed up at a John Edwards house party this morning, it was because she was on the verge of switching again.

"In both of those people I didn't see the experience that I'd like to see and kind of the groundedness that I'd like to see," she said of Obama and Clinton, "so I'm really looking at Edwards, and I'm still really looking at (Bill) Richardson."

Klopfer said she went to see Richardson last night in Mount Pleasant last night and was impressed by him.

"Probably I'll caucus for Richardson," she said after Edwards spoke. "My guess is he won't be viable, and then I'll probably scoot right over to Edwards."
While I wish the best of luck to Susan and her efforts to find a candidate, the attention this and the caucuses themselves receive may not be the greatest way to kick off determining the new leader of the free world.

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  1. Susan Klopfer doesn't seem to do much reading or she would not have such a hard time making up her mind.