Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Immigration (Non) Issue


Hey look, John McCain, the cosponsor of the hated McCain-Kennedy immigration bill just won the New Hampshire primary. And Mike Huckabee, who won Iowa and is nominally the national frontrunner, has at best a pretty mushy immigration record.

It may just be that like last year and in the special elections early this year, the anti-immigration vote is confined to the limits of Fox News?

The sound you hear is Republican consultants rushing to find a wedge issue before November.
This sentiment is further evidenced by last November's local and state election where, nationally, immigration failed to be the galvanizing (ne, distracting?) issue the GOP strategists have promised their candidates it would be.

Immigration is a proxy issue in a vacuum, fueled only by the economic uncertainty never addressed by the same political leaders talking the most about our immigration "problems."


  1. Immigration is nothing more or less than ethnic or racial bias. If you are a challenged gringo you automatically spout the ethnic crap about Latinos, draw ridiculous and unsupported conclusions about the prison population and HIspanics, and Latinos stealing jobs etc. etc.

  2. You won't be so quick to ignore this serious problem when someone swims a river to come here and blow up a school in your home town.

  3. Only 5% of all shipping containers that come into these Estados Unidos are inspected. It will not be some terrorist who swims the Pecos or Colorado river to enter the US on a suicide mission. It will be Osama's chauffeur who will pop out of a shipping container in Baltimore driving a stolen Humvee filled with plastique and then drives it into downtown DC.

    Your fear of Brown folk swimming rivers is unfounded and based upon irrational fears propagated by others.

    Tranquilo amigo!