Friday, January 11, 2008

Independent Film, Lurkers, and Gerrymandering (Alleged)

There were a few things I caught cycling through The Bloghive (and elsewhere) yesterday, but I was distracted and missed them. Perhaps you did too. In any case, they deserve a second mention.

JMBell gets a very cool gig, and a great idea on how to fund it (the mighty advertising dollar!). You can pitch in a few bucks here if you choose.

Loralee discriminates against Lurker's (I was shocked as well). But comment and you could win $$.

Poor (Perceived) Rep. Craig Frank (Alleged) of Pleasant Grove. He just can't get a break. Bob once again finds an actual gerrymandered district. What's a Republican line-tow-er to do? Well, how about a challenger...

Misty shows us the power of small donors


  1. "Loralee discriminates against Lurker's" is a bad link.