Wednesday, January 2, 2008

IslamoFascistTerroThunderdomeism and Batman

Ezra has a recap of the candidates' New Hampshire ads. My favorite:

Giuliani's ad is all about Islamic terrorists who want to kill us, and in particular you, all the more so if you live in a primary state. But democracy in America means we can disagree with us, but if you take away our freedoms (something that terrorists haven't really attempted, but Giuliani often tried), we'll rip off your head and defecate on your corpse. The ad implies, through body language and tone, that it's in fact Giuliani who will personally do this, but he keeps on with the "we." The strategy, so far as one exists, seems to be to leap ahead by being the candidate who takes IslamoFascistTerroThunderdomeism the most seriously, and win simply by mentioning it the most times.
Definitely a winner. That's not to say that Romney doesn't give him a run for his money with this "I Am Batman" theme.

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  1. John McCain is not to be outdone. Have you seen his new web ad (being shown for free on MSNBC and probably other channels)?

    Check out the ad titled "Experience" for some high-grade Islamofascism.