Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Orrin Hatch FISA Press Release: Stand Up for the Telco's or We All Die!

Orrin Hatch weighs in on the FISA debate. It goes a bit like this:

I am of the firm belief that the lawsuits facing telecom providers constitute a grave threat to national security. The potential risks from inadvertent disclosure of classified information cannot be understated. [...]
Terrorists will eat our babies!
[...] The immunity provisions in this bill are limited in scope. Not everyone will be happy with them, and that’s the whole point. I, for one, wanted to see more protections for companies and government officials in this bill.
Your United States Senator, folks.

No where in his statements reminding us of all the shit that will blow up if we aren't bipartisan in the way that benefits the President does Orrin elude to the fact that surveillance won't stop if this bill fails or no bill passes at all. Surveillance is authorized under the old FISA law, with a warrant. And that is the real objection Orrin and his cronies have in this debate; the need for a warrant before invading the privacy of Americans.

We can all be glad Orrin is here to protect our liberties. Unless he's busy protecting the telecom companies, at which point, piss off.

Russ Feingold puts the surveillance bill debate in 30 second perspective, with video; it's about the end of liberty.


  1. I might have this wrong, but I think that even if the Protect America Act expires with nothing to replace it, all the ongoing surveillance can continue for an entire year, warrant or no warrant. New cases can of course be initiated with a FISA warrant.

  2. You're correct on that one. Any current surveillance can continue, even if PAA expires Friday, and new surveillance would be submitted to the FISA courts for a warrant.

    Hardly leaving a gaping whole in our national security, huh?