Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The R2-D2 Endorsement

Robots Rally for Romney. MediaBloodHound:

“While much has been made of the historic possibility of Obama being the first black president or Hillary the first woman president,” began R2-D2, “the media has completely overlooked the third historic candidate in this race. Robots might be accepted, even beloved, in movies or on TV, but in everyday American life, they remain second-class citizens, if they’re treated like citizens at all. The first robot in the White House would go a long way to change all that. Mitt Romney is the clear choice for concerned robots across America.”

R2-D2’s backing of Romney came on the same day that movie star Sylvester Stallone officially endorsed Senator John McCain, and the National Association of Newsletter Editors with Convenient Memory Loss (CML) threw its support behind Ron Paul.


  1. Funny!

    (what'd you use there ... MS Paint? Go download GIMP it's free OSS.)

  2. I did that one with Snagit (but the t-shirt is real! You can actually buy one, and I will be soon!)

    Tried your suggestion with GIMP, and I'm pretty impressed. Thanks for the tip.